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Team Development

Team DevelopmentIs Team Development the same as Team Building?

Yes and no. You may think of team building as going outdoors to build rafts or climb high ropes courses. Our team development activities are focused on getting people to talk to one another in a new and different way, figuring out what works and what needs to be different.

Using our model for team development we examine the answers to a series of questions to work out what stage of development the team is at and what needs most work. We use our model to develop a team coaching programme that is designed to deliver real, implementable change for the long-term.

The teams we work with vary in size and requirements, and include:

  • leadership teams wishing to improve their collective performance
  • global teams who want to improve virtual teamwork
  • project teams who want a kick-off meeting
  • teams that want to move from working in silos to true team effectiveness
  • teams that are experiencing conflict issues
  • teams who want to get to know one another better
  • individual leaders who would like some coaching in defining their team structure and roles, or simply getting the best from their teams.

Why is Team Development important?

If performing effectively, your team can achieve more than the individual members in delivering projects, decision-making, risk taking, motivation and learning. Becoming an effective team requires collaboration, trust, an ability to communicate and manage conflict constructively. Developing that kind of team requires time and effort and can be uncomfortable, but the results are clear and well worth your investment.

What should I do to develop the teams in my organisation?

If you want your team performing like a well-tuned orchestra, contact us to talk about how we can help.

How We Work

We are honest, professional and relentless in our efforts to deliver on our promises. We love what we do and we enjoy working with people who want to achieve the very best for themselves and their organisations. We count many of our clients as friends and we value the long-term working relationships we are lucky enough to enjoy.

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