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Managing Our Emotional Organisational Culture – A Step Too Far?

A recent article in Harvard Business Review really made me think. The authors propose that failure to manage organisational culture has a negative impact on business performance. No kidding, huh? But read on! They actually write about not only managing organisational culture in terms of the norms […]

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Leadership in action

Love this demonstration of natural leadership – instinctively knowing the right thing to do, no course required!…

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Top 6 tips to screw business meetings as usual

Really liked these ideas posted by Richard Branson on LinkedIn about making meetings different and more interesting.  I particularly like the last point about the over-reliance on Powerpoint – every day I see people using slides as a script and the energy is just sucked out of the meeting […]

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Delighted to launch our new website, – t…

Delighted to launch our new website, – thanks to Aoife at for her work! Check it out & let us know what you think! 🙂

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